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Three Month Beer Releases, One Month

We're doing something a little crazy this month with three beer releases.

Here at the brewery, we’re doing something a little crazy this month and hosting three beer releases; that’s right three! As many of you know the road to creating a successful beer can be a rocky one, but when we’ve been perfecting some of these beers for as long as we have now it’s really important that we get it to you as soon as possible. That being said our Head Brewer Michael wanted to tell y’all more about the in depth process we have been working on for the three beers coming out this month; so, here it is from Michael himself:
Considering the impending release of a few projects that we’ve been working hard to make happen, I figure (and marketing tells me) that I’d better take a few moments to talk to you about what they are and what you can expect.  March 19th will be the official release of what we’re calling Juke Joint 2.0.  As some of you already know, we morphed a malt-focused, restrained, more classic east coast style IPA into a pale, Mosaic focused, dank hop bomb of which we’re very proud.  To perfect this beer, we tasted it morning, noon, and night, week-in and week-out (our lives are so difficult).  Conversations among us as we passed one another between the legs of the large stainless steel tanks of the brewery might consist only of un-prefaced suggestions as to how we might improve this IPA.  More Hops?  Yes.  Fine the beer instead of filtering?  Maybe not.  No bittering hop?  Different yeast?  Let’s try it.  Back to the first yeast?  Okay.  We honed this beer to perfection over months of development and we’re proud to finally debut it to you in its final form – Juke Joint 2.0.
Meanwhile, we had to continue the business of operating the brewery, including the development of two more beers for release this month, as I mentioned.  Rusted Rye makes a triumphant return March 25th as a very pale, thirst-quenching yet not thin-bodied, citrus-y IPA with a full-on spicy rye character.  I have to give Lead Brewer Danny most of the credit for developing this revamped recipe.  He worked  diligently on this for a couple of months and we’re all very pleased with the result of his efforts.  Our next release is what we’re calling a “Tart Strong Ale,” which comes out March 31st as the first beer in our Barrel Aged Series.  We blended beer that had been souring in bourbon barrels for almost a year with some fresh stout to create a decidedly complex beer with the right amount of age, sourness, and a hint of bourbon barrel flavor.  We tasted each of eighteen bourbon barrel aged beers as a team and decided on the four with the most outstanding flavor to use to create this Tart Strong Ale.
As always, thanks for your support.  I hope to see you at the brewery for any or all of these beer releases.  If you see a Tin Roof production team member there, grab him or her and tell them what you think of the beer.  Frankly, I think they’re absolutely killing it.
To recap, here are the release dates:
  • Juke Joint 2.0 Release 3/19/17 12pm-7pm crawfish and three live bands
  • Rusted Rye Release 3/25/17 2pm-6pm wings fest and two live bands
  • Barrel Aged Series Tart Strong Ale Release 3/31/17 4pm-10pm barbecue and two live bands

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